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Learn Japanese in Kobe

ILA has been providing students' dreams
since 1988

The reasons to choose ILA

Courses for everyone

            We offer many courses that go from the beginner level to the advanced one. There are long-term study courses (student visa) for students that aim for higher education or find a job in Japan. There are short-term courses for those who want to study abroad during the long vacation. We also provide a course that you can learn the Japanese language and culture at the same time.

Professional teachers and staff

          ILA has competent Japanese teachers who have rich experience in teaching Japanese to international students. Our teachers will provide support and guidance to each student individually. They will help students searching for the best-fit institution according to their goals, whether the university, graduate school, or vocational school. Also, provide advice on various matters such as preparing for the JLPT test, practicing interviews, writing research plans for graduate school.

High rate of universities and colleges acceptance

          We help students to pass the JLPT, EJU tests that are needed to enter higher education. Most of our students graduate and continue their academic studies at colleges and universities in Japan. About 40% of the graduated students were admitted to vocational schools. About 30% enter undergraduate school. About 20% enter graduate school in private universities or public universities.


           Our students are from over 20 countries around the world: not only from Asia but also Europe and America as well. As there are students of various nationalities in the class, the use of the Japanese language occurs naturally. Students will have the opportunity to engage with other students from a diverse variety of cultures. In addition to that, they can exchange, share their experience and enjoy activities together through the Japanese language.


Certified Japanese Language School

Official No. A007

Interculture Language Academy is certified by Nisshinkyo (Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education) and Kobe Immigration Bureau of the Ministry of Justice as a quality Japanese language school that meets the educational standards and criteria.


We are committed to teaching the Japanese language to foster a deep understanding of Japan. In addition, we help the students to improve their skills and support them to reach their goals. Also provided various facilities to ensure that students will get efficient learning Japanese in the best environment.


The Ministry of Justice


Class Schedule

Monday to Friday (except national holidays)


Morning Class



Afternoon Class


About Kobe

         Kobe is a centuries-old place that has transformed into a cosmopolitan city. Despite the transportation, Kobe is a town that remains rich in natural surroundings.

       Kobe is an international city, which has an international trading harbor and airport. You can enjoy many kinds of foods and cultures from many different countries in Kobe.

Our Support

         We offer free selective classes for long-term students who wish to strengthen their Japanese Language abilities or prepare for the JLPT or EJU exams.

        Our school moreover helps all students to stipulate health insurance and in case of any problems, we have staff from many countries, who can speak different languages.

Application Guide

School Application

   For long-term study, the student will need to apply for a student visa. All the procedures will take around six months before each semester starts.

Interculture Language Academy - Study Japanese in the heart of Kobe

Interculture Language Academy - Study Japanese in the heart of Kobe

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