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Learn  Japanese 

in Kobe

ILA has been providing  students' dreams since 1988

Why choose ILA

(Interculture Language Academy)?

We have veteran experienced teachers

Our school has many competent Japanese teachers who help the students such as finding the most suitable institution

High rate of students entering in higher education

About 20% of our students enter into the graduate schools.

 We help students to write Research Proposal and take measures for entrance exam including individual interview. 

We have students coming from more than 20 nations

We accept students not only from Asian countries but also from Europe and America as well. 

As there are students of diverse nationalities in the class, the custom of using Japanese language is naturally acquired.  

We answer all needs for students who are interested in Japanese Language

We offer many valid courses that go from the beginner level to the advanced one. 

There are long-term study courses (student visa) that prepare for higher education or to search job in Japan.

For those who want to stay for a short period in Japan there are short-term  courses. One of them support students studying intensively, and the others offer studying Japanese Language and  culture at the same time. 

Certified Japanese Language School by: 

short term


Long Term
Selective Classes

Daily Schedule

Our Support

  • 9:00~12:20 | Morning Classes

  • 13:20~16:40 | Afternoon Classes


*Lessons ​are held from Monday to Friday

  We offer free selective classes for the long-term students who wish to strengthen their abilities of Japanese Language or to better prepare for the JLPT or EJU exams.


  Our school moreover helps all students to stipulate health insurance and in case of any problems we have staff from many countries, who can speak different languages

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