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          We aim to provide the students the comprehensive abilities required for admission to higher education or search for jobs in Japan.

Duration1-2 years (depending on the admission period)

Admission period: April, July, October, and January.

Class Schedule: Monday - Friday (except national holidays)  09:00 – 12:20 or  13:20 – 16:40

**Student Visa required**


This course is provided to allows the student to further study at graduate schools, universities, and vocational schools.


Through the assistance of experienced teachers, about 20% of our students that consider entering higher education enrolls in graduate school! We help students write a research proposal and their reason for choosing that school and help prepare for individual interviews.

The classes are divided according to the goals of N1~N5 of the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test). We try to acquire JLPT N2 at a minimum by graduation time. We also help students to pass the EJU (Examination for Japanese University Admission for International students) successfully. As there are students of diverse nationalities in the class, the custom of using the Japanese language is naturally acquired.


Our experienced veteran teachers advise students to take the most suitable course to suit each individual's need. To realize a dream one step ahead, and our staff will work hard with the students.

In addition to the regular classes, students can take the selective lessons according to the purpose of Kanji, EJU (Examination for Japanese University, this class includes Math I and II, General Subjects and Physics, Chemistry and Biology), and conversation. 

Ryutsu Kagaku University Course

This class is for the students to enter into the UMD (University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences). After graduation from ILA, students can enter into the UMD without a paper test and get a special discount. The tuition fee will be 50% off for 4 years.

*There are some conditions to continue the discount. Please contact the UMDS.

Entry Requirements:

  • Students must get Japanese test N2 Level during learning Japanese at ILA or have Points of EJU test more than 210 points.

  • Students must keep attendance rate upper than 90% during Learning at ILA.

Business Course

This course is provided for the students how aim to find works at the Japanese companies in the future inside and outside of Japan. They will learn and utilize not only honorific expressions in Japanese but also will learn manners and costumes necessary for the business. Moreover, students will visit the actual company in order to get the skill of business as extracurricular activities. 


The students will learn how to write the Japanese resume, Business mail, document formats and prepare for the Business Japanese Test (BJT) as well as how to tackle business conversations in different kinds of situations.

Preparatory Course

Tuition and Fees