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Arthornmitra Kullanant

I am happy that I chose to study at ILA. The atmosphere in the classroom, both teachers and classmates, makes me want to go to school every day. Plus, the atmosphere in the class is fun, and students help each other study, which results in better learning. It gave me the motivation to compete with myself. Until I was able to pass the N2 exam in one year.

Kaiser Lucas Alexander

Entering ILA was a great experience! The teachers are incredibly helpful and nice, my advisor is like a friend and it is very easy to talk to him. The excursions were always a fun time. Learning Japanese has never been more fun!

Tang Rebecca Yuk Yung

I first chose to attend ILA as they provided a Business Course which covers content above the JLPT N1 level and it was also an opportunity to improve my speaking skills. After attending the 1 year long term course, I can say that I’ve learnt much more than just the Japanese language. The Business course teachers and the administrative staff at the school are very attentive to students’ needs and are very supportive. The skills I have gained and the friendships I have formed are going to last a lifetime. Thanks to the wonderful teachers I now have the opportunity to pursue a career in Japan.

Kenny Supangat

I’m glad that I chose ILA as I was able to have the experience of working at a Japanese company because of ILA’s internship program partnership with that company.

As I am currently job hunting, I have found that another appealing aspect of studying at ILA is that because the teachers at the school are 100% supportive in helping the students to achieve their goals, you are able to work together with the teachers to solve any problems that you may encounter.   

It was a great experience being able to do things like participate in the internship program and going to job fairs!