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Application guide

Step 1


Apply for admission.

Send the necessary documents

Step 2


Screen the documents.

Remit the documents to the Immigration Office

Step 3

Immigration Office

Evaluate the documents

Issue the Certificate of Eligibility (COE) when the documents were approved

Step 4


Remit the School Fees to ILA bank account

Step 5


Notify the applicant's payment of School Fees.

Send the COE to the applicant 

Step 6


Apply for a student visa at the Japanese Embassy with COE & Admission Letter

Step 7


Issue a student visa to the applicant

Step 8


Enter into Japan and start studying

Documents required

If you are interested in applying to ILA please download and compile the documents listed below; after you can send them to us. In case of long term students the necessary documents vary by Country, so please contact us. You can find all the information in the dedicated page.

Documents for long term studies​

Application form (long term)

Personal Record

Written Oath

2 pcs of Photo (4cmx3cm)

Graduation certificate (Latest education history)

Related document showing Financial support (Bank Account, Tax Return form, etc.)

Japanese Language Proficiency Certification (If available)

Documents for short term studies​

Application form (short term)


2 pcs of Photo (4cmx3cm)

Japanese Language Proficiency Certification (If available)