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About Kobe

Welcome to Kobe

  Kobe is one of the well known cities which stand along Kyoto, Osaka in Kansai Region.


  Kobe is a port city and remains as one of the areas which are open and expose to foreign cultures along with Yokohama, Nagasaki and Hakodate since Meiji Restoration occurred.


  The city itself covers from North to south near Mount Rokko. Beautiful port city's scenery facing to the Seto Ocean can be viewed from the southern side. On the Nothern side, agriculture are cultivated and hot springs are well preserved. Different expression and environment can be discovered with different areas of the city which appeal Kobe itself.


  Nanking Town is one of the streets which are enrich with Chinese culture and are well known as 1 of the 3 big Chinise towns in Japan.100 shops locate and lineup with the range covering 200 meters from east to west, 110 meters from north to south, selling dim sum, pork bun, sweets, food materials, souvenirs and so on. There are a lot of famous Chinese restaurants located at the heart of Sannomiya and Motomachi. Chinese restaurants, Food material shops, tea shops are all gathered around south of JR Motomachi Station. Food stalls are all line up in front of the shops making it enjoyable upon walking while enjoying your meal.


  Another appealing point of Kobe is the variety of cuisine from different countries can be enjoyed, cause there are other old foreign settlement places and being as an international city. There are a lot of food shops from different countries available, resulted in enabling different kinds of restaurants to be setup within such limited spaces within Kobe. Many old and well known restaurants especially around Kitano area includes Russian, Mexico, Swiss, German Cuisines and so on. Furthermore, there are also famous brands for bakery and sweets originated in Kobe, due to the exposure to the know how to produce high quality products since long time ago.

  In addition, Kobe is also famous for the supercomputer "Fugaku" (the world's fastest supercomputer), Professor Shinya Yamanaka who graduated from Kobe University School of Medicine and won the Nobel Prize for i-PS cells, and cutting-edge medical treatment using i-pS cells.  Kobe is also famous for cutting-edge technology research such as Shinkansen manufacturing.


  Please join our school to experience international exposures and the exciting atmosphere.

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