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Kobe is one of the famous cities of the Kansai Region as well as Kyoto and Osaka.  This city has a long history as a port city. Since the Meiji Restoration, like Yokohama, Nagasaki, and Hakodate, it has been one of the few cities exposed to foreign cultures. The colorful architecture and food culture are remarkable of the city that welcomes many tourists to visit.

The city covers from north to south of Mount Rokko. The south side is famous for the beautiful night view of the port town facing the Seto Inland Sea from east to west. On the Nothern side, agriculture is cultivated and has hot springs are well preserved. You can find various atmospheres in different areas of the city that are attractive points of Kobe. 

Nanking Town is the streets enriched with Chinese culture and well known as one of the three Chinatowns in Japan. There are nearly 100 shops on the street, 200 meters from east to west, 110 meters from north to south, selling snacks, sweets, steamed buns, food, souvenirs, etc. Nanking Town locates in the center of Kobe, south of JR Motomachi Station. There are a lot of famous Chinese restaurants, food material shops, and tea shops. The front of the shop is full of food stalls, so you can take a walk while enjoying the food.

In addition, Kobe is an international port with foreign settlements. So you can enjoy not only Chinese cuisine but also various cuisine from different countries. Especially around the Kitano area, there are many old shops, cafes, and restaurants of various nationalities such as French, Indian, Mexican, Swiss, and German. Furthermore, due to the historical background that Europeans brought the knowledge of the manufacturing method, there are also famous bakery shops and sweets brands that originated in Kobe.

Kobe is also famous for the "Fugaku" the world's fastest supercomputer. Professor Shinya Yamanaka graduated from Kobe University School of Medicine and won the Nobel Prize for iPS cells and cutting-edge medical treatment using iPS cells. It is also famous for cutting-edge technology research such as Shinkansen manufacturing.

Please join our school to experience international exposure and an exciting atmosphere.

About Kobe and ILA

About Kobe and ILA

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