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Selective Classes

Student enrolled in the long term courses can take the following selective subjects for free.

  1. Measures for EJU: Math .I&II, Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), General subject

  2. English: measures for TOEFL or TOEIC Test; free English Conversation

  3. Japanese conversation class

  4. Kanji class and assistance class


Kanji Class

Our school provides Kanji lesson without extra charges which is benefiting students who wish to strengthen their Kanji ability.
All lesson will be focusing on practicing Kanji in terms of read and write.


Supplementary class

For the students who need to catch up with their class level, we offer them the supplementary class.

JLPT Class

This course is provided to help students to prepare to take the Japanese Proficient Test (JPT) exam which are held twice a year on July and December.

Lesson are organized from Monday till Friday, covering different aspects of the exam like Vocabulary, Grammars, Reading, listening to ensure student have the confident to do well in exam.


EJU Class

It is very important for the students to prepare for EJU who want to enter the Japanese University. 

We provide the meticulous guidance for the subjects such as Japanese, General Subjects, Mathematics, Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) and etc.