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  Interculture Language Academy is a Japanese language school located in Kobe, One of Japan's famous spots.

  We provide Japanese lessons including exposure to facts and figures about Japan which relate to the Japanese history and society. 




  Our school is really international with students coming from many countries such as not only China, Korea and around Asia region, but also from Europe and America as well.

  We offer them many valid courses that go from the beginner level to the advanced one. 



ILA motto is “Education is providing students dreams.  Learning is carving the truth to one’s heart.”


Message from President

I am the president of ILA

Fumiko Yasugi






Education is providing a student dreams,

Learning is carving the truth to student's heart.

Let challenge to make your dreams come true.

Why not start to master the Japanese Language together?



Message from Principal

I Got Ph.D. degree in USA, and became a professor.

Currently I'm the school principal.

              Dr. Saburo Yasugi

  Our school locates in Kobe city which is near to both Osaka and Kyoto Cities. Public transportation is very convenient as a lot of railways such as Subway, Kobe Railways, Hanshin Railways, Hankyu Railways, Sanyo Railways and more having stations nearby to our school. Our school is facing Daikai Street, one of Shinkaichi's main roads which is convenient as there are a lot of restaurants, shops, super markets, post office and more. Furthermore, our school locates near harborland, one of the famous spots to visit as well.


  Our principle is to educate and bring up future leaders who are creative and equip them with good communication skills which can contribute to society as international personals. Our main goal is to support and help people obtaining certain levels of Japanese proficiency who want to study Japanese technology and knowledge, entering Japanese Universities, colleges or looking forward to employment using their Japanese ability.



Places to further study

Graduate School


Vocational School


Exclusive partnership

University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences

  University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences (UMDS) aims to develop human resources that can contribute to peace in the world and contribute to the creation of a truly wealthy society through scientific research and the study of distribution.


  It is a 5-minute walk from Gakuentoshi station of the Kobe metro line. The university is composed of the Faculties of Commerce,  Economics and Social Sciences.

  Please contact us more in detail.



Kwansei gakuin University

Kwansei Gakuin University (KGU) is one of the most prestigious private schools in Japan, dating back to 1889, when it was founded in Kobe by the American missionary Reverend Walter Russell Lambuth, M.D. It is now a comprehensive and integrated educational institution spread across eight campuses.

It is offering Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral degrees in over 35 different disciplines to a student body of about 24,500, including approximately 800 foreign students.

Most schools are located on the Nishinomiya Uegahara Campus. The School of Policy Studies and the School of Science and Technology are located on the Kobe Sanda Campus, while the Nishinomiya Seiwa Campus is home to the School of Education.


Shobi Gakuen University

  Shobi University was established at the beginning of the 21st Century as a four-year university comprised of two faculties and three departments, namely, the Faculty of Informatics for Arts consisting of the Departments of Music Expression and Information Expression, and the Faculty of Policy Management comprising the Department of Policy Management.



Toyota Automotive Engeneering Collage of Kobe

The Toyota Automotive Engineering College of Kobe is a vocational school for automotive engineering established by Toyota Motor Corporation.


Its purpose is to provide students with training in Toyota’s advanced technology and practical maintenance technology, in order to develop experts in the automotive field who will become the leaders of our age.


Students attending the school also include international students from foreign countries, who will be qualified to work as automobile mechanics for Toyota in Japan after their graduation.


École CP

  École CP is the only school in Kobe where you can learn cooking and confectionery.
École CP  in French means École = school, Cuisine = cooking, Pâtisserie = Confectionery. We are training professionals who have a wide range of perspectives on cooking and confectionery. Students who want to become chefs and students who want to become pastry cheers in one school.



ILA - Interculture Language Academy


5-5 Sanbancho, Nagata-ku Kobe, Japan   653-0011


Tel: +81-78-576-6129

Fax: +81-78-576-6107

Mail: int-cul@mte.biglobe.ne.jp


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